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Wholesale Crystals

Why Now?

A revolution is taking place! Women are tapping into their divine feminine energy and manifesting great things. Let’s not leave anyone behind. Lead by example and share what you know. Honor what brought you here -the energy is contagious!

There is no better time than now to start a business in this sector or add gemstone products to your existing offerings. Holistic health and alternative practices are on the rise; There is a hunger for what we once knew. Be on the forefront of this shift and become a social entrepreneur. Our wholesale Yoni Egg prices are competitive and priced to make a profit.

Why Us?

These Yoni Eggs come unbranded or branded and are ready to fit seamlessly into your existing line. We are able to leverage our manufacturing contacts and bring you quality stones with low minimum order quantities. The stones are mined from some of the most beautiful place on earth including south America, India and Africa. We monitor the manufacturing and import process and deliver quality hand carved stones to you hassle-free.  We are able to provide spheres, Yoni eggs, and carved massage wands.